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Tournament Results for the Day!
Website Creator Antinatree 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Mar 2014
Match reports are done Check out our Facebook Page: ... MidShoreSmash
Some wins and losses are not yet updated on profiles yet but anyway if you haven't already i recommend making a profile on the website so we can accurately post wins/loss ratio stuff
Ok here we go tier list 
6. Johnny Fennell, and Jay 
5. Adrian Carrillo, and Collin 
4. Adam, and James Lant
3.Edgar, Skills, Link, and Daniel Wang
2.Jason, Jon, Todd, and Bradley Hastings
1.Brie, Luis Andres Valdez, Erik Sweet, Juan Gomez, Chris 

After long debate (in my head) I have decided to adapt a point system which will be up for a debate tomorrow Winner bracket wins gets you 2 points loser bracket wins gets you 1 point this way we can eliminate most ties in a tournament so tournament results
1. Johnny congrats for winning
2. Jay
3. Collin 8
4. Adrian 2
5. Adam 5
6. James 3
7. Edgar 4
8. Wang 3
9. Skills 1
10. Link 1
11&12 Jon & Bradley2
13&14 Jason & Todd 1
15. Stand in Guy 2
16,17,18,19,& 20 Juan, Brie, Luis,Erik, & Chris 0

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