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Ladder rankings 424/14!
Website Creator Antinatree 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Apr 2014
Here is Ladder Rankings!!

1.archangel W1L0 Taijuan Matthews
2. Tylerx5 W3L1 Tyler Brown
3. goku W8L1 
4. alex W6L1 
5. tikiz W6L3 Adrian Carrillo
6. james W6L4 James Lant
7. j,star W2L2 Johnny Fennell
8. Jason W4L0
9. jay W2L2 
10. Matt W3L4 Matt Tisch
11. Edgar W3L4 
12. Jacob
13. collin
14. erin
15. Adam W3L11  Adam Horner

16.Rafy W1L0
17. Todd W3L11
18. T-man W1L0 Tyler Culver
19. Luis W3L1 Luis Andres Valdez
20. Yames:james W1L0
21. Wang W1L0 Daniel Wang
22. link
23. jon W0L1
24. bradley, W1L1 Bradley Hastings
25. Brie W0L1 
26. spermn,skillz,Juan,Erik, & Chris

*Warning* If you don't play a ladder match in the next week(warning for those who haven't) you will be dropped from the list. Please Report ladder matches and we will keep you on list but as of next week anyone who hasn't played a match in awhile will degrade a Spot on May 1st!

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